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The Alliance for Automotive Innovation updates and maintains software to verify vehicles meet SAE J1699/3 and SAE J1699/5 standards for communications.  The software is updated on a regular basis (historically 4 to 7 times annually).  Where applicable, government regulations may require compliance testing using the current version of the software. 

When a new version is published, the older version will be archived.  Archived versions of the software can be downloaded at no cost.  Additionally, government agencies may download the software at no costs. 

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OBD II Certification Software J1699 Compliance Version Number Date Uploaded
Download J1699-5 02.06.00 (Beta) 8/7/2023
Download J1699-5 02.03.00 (Beta) 3/14/2023
Download J1699-5 1.00.00 (Beta) 4/15/2022
Download J1699-3 17.05.00 1/11/2024
Download J1699-3 17.04.02 9/15/2023
Download J1699-3 17.04.01 7/24/2023
Download J1699-3 17.04.00 6/20/2023
Download J1699-3 17.03.01 2/13/2023
Download J1699-3 17.03.00 1/26/2023
Download J1699-3 17.02.00 12/14/2022
Download J1699-3 17.01.00 3/23/2022
Download J1699-3 17.00.00 8/31/2021
Download J1699-3 16.07.04 12/4/2020
Download J1699-3 16.07.03 9/29/2020
Download J1699-3 16.07.02 8/5/2020
Download J1699-3 16.07.01 3/12/2020
Download J1699-3 16.07.00 11/20/2019
Download J1699-3 16.06.00 10/7/2019
Download J1699-3 16.05.00 8/5/2019
Download J1699-3 16.04.03 6/18/2019
Download J1699-3 16.04.02 6/5/2019
Download J1699-3 16.04.01 4/26/2019
Download J1699-3 16.04.00 3/27/2019
Download J1699-3 16.02.03 5/9/2018
Download J1699-3 16.02.02 4/12/2018
Download J1699-3 16.02.01 1/30/2018